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Rather than conventional 'forc teaching', Engaging kids in Quran learning by interactive & fun ways is what we are best at

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So, Why Quran Learning the Fun Way?

Let’s face it — 'Forcing' your kids to Islam and Quran will push them away rather then turning them towards Quran and Islam.

That’s Where “Friendly Quran Teacher” Comes In.

A friendly and encouraging Quran teacher is like a torchbearer helping kids learn Quran and explore Islam in interactive way.

The Professional & Friendly Quran Teacher Is...

The Secret To Smooth & Exciting Learning Experience

Kids Learning Quran:

The Conventional Way

The LEQ Way

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happy Parents

We’ve helped Hundreds of Kids Learn Quran the Fun Way

Ahfia I.

Parent, Canada


“My son’s Quran learning is way less stressful than before! Khadija and team is super friendly, professional and always ready to help!”

Safi T.

Parent, USA


“I always wondered if there was a Quran teacher who does not use punishing method and I love how LEQ teachers use positive reinforcement and this is so effective.”


Parent, Australia


After trying for months to teach my daughter at home, it was a huge relief that I can see her learning Quran in front of me and she loves it.”

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