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We are here to help children read Quran fluently like native reciters

We as muslim want our most valuable assets: our children make us proud with Quran reading

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Founder & Head of Academy

I am Khadija tul Kubra, A Hafiza, Aalimah and PhD in Islamic Studies.

To provide your kids with best elearning experience that is engaging and fun, we at Learn E Quran keep our learning up to date with latest technologies and teachers training.

At Learn E Quran, we believe in making the Quran learning a fun journey for kids that keeps with them for life…

Khadija K.
Easy Learning

We offer easy & kids-oriented quran learning experience

Friendly Teaching

Our teachers are trained to teach in friendly & fun manner

Fun & Joyful

Kids get special learning experience with stories & fun based activities

Best Experience

We promise best learning experience for maximum engagement

We want to give the world a generation who inspire people by their love and passion for Quran and Islam
We are here to help kids learn Quran from the comfort of their home with the help of latest learning technologies making the learning experience engaging and fun.
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Experts in Giving Your Children best Quran Learning Start

Khadija tul Kubra


Rahila A.

Head Teacher

Najam Mustafa

eLearning Expert

What parent say
After trying several online quran academies we found Learn EQuran and our son's progress with Quran reading has improved in just a few weeks and we are proud of his recitation.
Ahfia I. - Canada

More than just an online academy

We are equipped with best learning technologies and team of experts

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