Online Quran Learning for Kids

Quran Teaching In Easy and Fun Way for Kids
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How Students Learn With Us

Basic Qa'idah

Learn how to pronounce arabic alphabets with visual presentation

Tajweed Rules

Learn essential tajweed rules to avoid pronunciation mistakes

Quran Recitation

Learn Quran word by word and practice to read it fluently

Online Quran Teachers

Learning to read Quran is challenging for young kids without a proper guidance and expert teacher. Our online Quran teachers help kids learn Quran with proper rules in an easy to follow and fun approach.

Easy to Follow and Fun Approach for Kids

FREE 3 Days Class
No Credit Card Required!
  • Teachers Training - Our teachers are trained to teach kids in a friendly manner
  • Easy and Fun Approach - We teach kids with the help of fun and gamification techniques to increase their interest
  • Visual Presentation - We use graphics and other visual tools to help kids fully grasp essential Tajweed rules

Parents & Students Friendly Class System

  • Time Efficient - Rather than an Islamic Center or Mosque where pick and drop takes more time than class session, your online class is just a few clicks away.
  • Dedicated Teacher - A dedicated teacher for one kid is way better than a classroom environment where many students learning at once.
  • Students Ease - Teacher helps student grasp all the essential elements of the lesson at student's pace and ease.
FREE 3 Days Class
No Credit Card Required!

100% Safe Teaching Environment

FREE 3 Days Class
No Credit Card Required!
  • Parental Watch - Your kid learns Quran in front of you so you can check his progress and teacher's methodology.
  • Class Recording - Every class session is being recorded and sent to the student and parents for post-lesson practice.
  • Teachers Monitoring - All classes are being monitored by our IT and QC department to make sure 100% quality services are being delivered.

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